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Inter-Mental Health and Psychological Associations Coalition


The New Jersey Inter-Mental Health and Psychological Associations Coalition (IMPAC) is a unique collaboration between the NJABPsi, the Latino Mental Health Association of NJ, and the NJ Psychological Association. Our mission is as follows:


Through IMPAC, NJABPsi, LMHANJ, and NJPA join together as equal partners to contribute their unique educational acumen, expertise, experience, and perspectives to obtain synergy as a resource to promote equality in mental health care and to zealously advocate for the mental health needs for the diverse population of the state of New Jersey. This will be accomplished by our respective organizations working together to develop initiatives to educate the public, as well as healthcare providers through training, professional presentations, and mobilizing resources as needed to provide counseling and psychological services under emergent circumstances.  

Click to see IMPAC statement on 400th Anniversary of 1619 

Click to see IMPAC statement responding to the murder of George Floyd 

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