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What is the Student Circle?

The Student Circle is a peer support group designed to accommodate graduate and undergraduate psychology students in their journey toward becoming psychology professionals. The NJABPsi student circle is guided by professional members who thoughtfully responds to the needs of students. Over the years we have provided a full range of forums and events such as psychology career workshops, admission strategies, and licensing & credentialing tips.

We welcome you to join our Student Circle today! 


(Mentorship Program)

Jegnaship is a benefit of student membership and is offered nationally. NJABPsi believes in 'each one teaches one' and matches its professional members to student members, according to specialization and interest, to support them through the journey to professional status. 

Student Scholarships

NJABPsi hosts two scholarships for students. Our Dr. Lawrence Houston Scholarship is an annual competitive scholarship with a discretionary monetary award. Our Dr. Mel Gary Scholarship award is open year-round to student applicants and is aimed at defraying the travel expense for student conference presenters. 

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