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The ABPsi Mission Statement

The Association of Black Psychologists sees its mission and destiny as the liberation of the African Mind, empowerment of the African Character, and enlivenment and illumination of the African Spirit.
The Association is organized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including but not limited to:
    • promoting and advancing the profession of African Psychology
    • influencing and affecting social change; and
    • developing programs whereby psychologists of African descent (hereafter known as Black Psychologists) can assist in solving problems of Black communities and other ethnic groups.
 To accomplish these purposes, the Board of Directors (hereafter known as "the board") shall exercise the following specific functions:
    • establish a central organization of Black Psychologists;
    • develop funding sources for working capital, staff support, and educational programs;
    • seek funding for projects involving Black Psychologists, such projects to include, but not be limited to: Scholarly Journals, Training Programs, Recruitment of Students and Faculty and community Mental Health Care Programs; and
    • work with such organizations of behavioral scientists as are able to implement the purposes of The Association.

Our History

​The Association of Black Psychologists was founded in San Francisco in 1968 by a number of Black Psychologists from across the country. They united to actively address the serious problems facing Black Psychologists and the larger Black community. Guided by the principle of self-determination, these psychologists set about building an institution through which they could address the long-neglected needs of Black professionals.


Their goal was to have a positive impact on the mental health of the national Black community by means of planning, programs, services, training, and advocacy.


Their objectives were:

  • To organize their skills and abilities to influence necessary change, and

  • To address themselves to significant social problems affecting the Black community and other segments of the population whose needs society has not fulfilled.

The Association of Black Psychologists has grown from a handful of concerned professionals into an independent, autonomous organization of over 1400 members.

About NJABPsi

The New Jersey Chapter Association of Black Psychologists (NJABPsi) is a nonprofit organization of psychologists of African descent dedicated to community service, professional development, and issues related to the mental well being of residents of the State of New Jersey since 1973. Since then NJABPsi has had hundreds of associates and members representing professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students across the state of New Jersey.

NJABPsi is proud of the impact it has had on psychology and mental health in New Jersey through its current and past initiatives such as presentations, workshops, and conferences, referral service for individuals seeking therapists or consultants, support of licensing preparation, crisis response initiatives, media watch, speakers bureau, support of graduate and undergraduate students, and networking and fundraising initiatives.

Below is a video of an interview with Dr. Daniel Williams, a co-founder of The Association of Black Psychologists and one of its early National Presidents:

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