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Dr. Gary’s professional interests reflect an applied focus in counseling and mental health.

Juneau Mahan Gary, Psy.D.,

Juneau Mahan Gary, Psy.D., is a Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor,

Employee Assistance Professional, and NJ Disaster Response Crisis Counselor. She has worked

in higher education for many years and previously maintained a private practice. She is currently

a Professor in the Dept. of Counselor Education at Kean University (Union, NJ) and was a

former administrator of several Student Life Offices at The College of New Jersey (Ewing, NJ).

Dr. Gary completed her doctoral studies at Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey.

Dr. Gary’s professional interests reflect an applied focus in counseling and mental health.

Specifically, they include (1) human rights and international mental health, (2) trauma

counseling, and (3) advocacy for vulnerable and under-served populations, and (4) best practices

in training mental health counselors. Initiatives in each area for the past five (5) years are listed:

 Human Rights and International Mental Health

Rubin, N., Flores, R., Gary, J., Nolan. S., & Ober, T. (2020). Human Rights and the 2030

Agenda for Sustainable Development. In N. Rubin & R. Flores (Eds.). Cambridge Handbook of

Psychology and Human Rights. Cambridge University Press. [Book Chapter]

Gary, J. (2019). “School Counselors’ Role in Child Rights and Human Rights Education,”

United Nations (UN) NGO Committee on Children’s Rights, New York, NY [Invited Speaker]

Gary, J. (2019). “What I Can Do to Promote Child Rights and Human Rights in School,”

Human Rights and NGO Clubs, West Side High School, Newark, NJ. [Invited Speaker]

Team Member, International Council of Psychologists Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

to the United Nations, New York, NY, 2018-Present

Team Member, American Psychological Association Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to

the United Nations, New York, NY, 2010-2016

Gary, J. & Rubin, N. (2011-2016). “United Nations Matters” quarterly columns in Psychology

International, posted on the web site of the Amer. Psychological Assn.,

Gary, J. & Rubin, N.S. (2016). Sport Promoting Human Development and Well-Being:

Psychological Components of Sustainability. UN Chronicle, LIII (2). [Journal Article]

Gary, J. (In Press). School Counselors’ Role in Child Rights and Human Rights Education:

Moving Beyond One’s Professional Comfort Zone. Journal of School Counseling.

 Trauma Counseling

Gary, J. (2020). On the Podium: “Coping and Mental Health during the COVID-19 Crisis,”

Relay Graduate School of Education [Podcast], New York, NY, OR

[Invited Speaker]

Gary, J. (2018). The Emotional Roller Coaster of Surviving Superstorm Sandy. In J. Webber &.

J.B. Mascari (Eds.). Disaster Mental Health Counseling: A Guide to Preparing and Responding.

Alexandria, VA: Amer. Counseling Assn. Foundation. [Book Chapter]

Team Member, NJ Disaster Response Crisis Counselor (DRCC), 2008-Present

Member, NJ Disaster Response Committee, Ocean County Dept. of Human Services, 2016-


 Advocacy for Vulnerable and Under-Served Populations

Gary, J., Merie, K., & Hernandez-Mekonnen, R. (2020). Compassionate Practice with Refugees

and Migrants. New Jersey Psychologist.

Member, Ocean County (NJ) Mental Health Board, 2019-Present

Gary, J., (2018). “Empowering Youth: Psychological Preparation for College,” Shani Baraka

Women’s Resource Center, Newark, NJ [Invited Speaker]

Merie, K., Gary, J., & Hernandez-Mekonnen, R. (In Press). Migrants and Resettlement: From

Crisis to Self-Sufficiency. In J. Chin (Ed.). Psychology of Inequity. [Book Chapter]

 Best Practices for Training Mental Health Counselors

Philipson, P. & Gary, J. (2015). Awareness in Action: Self-Awareness and Group Process.

University Press of America. [Book]

Gary, J. & Grady, J.P. (2015). Integrating Television Media into Group Counseling Course

Work, The Journal for Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 7(2), or doi: 10.7729/72.1079.

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